Neck Webcomic - full transcript below
Published On: March 18, 2022

2 thoughts on “Neck (Comic #714)

  1. …yeah nothing like an acute injury to make you re-evaluate how you do things. Self-care is hard to learn when you haven’t needed to do it before. I busted some ribs as a teenager but somehow got through it… my first big wake-up in adulthood was I separated a shoulder botching a breakfall in Aikido, then I’ve had a couple bouts of sciatica, at least one of which resulted from a spinal injury I never even knew I had till after the MRI… so you learn new ways to do things, add new habits like stretching and heat packs, and you learn to recognize your limits before you’ve gone past them…

    1. So very true. I’m sorry about that pain, and I hope the bit of knowledge about your spinal injury helps with the self care

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