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554: Boot on kindness

I’m sorting through old papers and sketchbooks and I’ve found about 10 pencil sketches for comics thus far! I think this was drawn about a year ago? Maybe more? It’s so interesting going through all the old things! Boot: Sometimes the hardest thing about receiving kindness is you have to admit how much you hurt […]

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551: Boot on the topic of love

Some folks have gone through a rough time lately. This is especially for anyone who is in the trenches now. And I kind of love that as I’m writing this post my playlist takes me to the fierce wonderful grief of Sia and has now gone to The Doubleclicks “Now Is The Time”.   Transcript: […]

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544: Because it is kind (Dr Boot?)

There are some pretty awful things going on in the world right now that are not all ages appropriate. They should not be for any age, and yet they are and we must deal with them and children must deal with them and it really isn’t fair. It has also shown what wonderful company there […]

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507: Boot Reflects on Kindness and the Spaces Made in Art

Transcript Boot: Sometimes drawing is so comforting Boot: It makes me want to cry Boot sits in silence. Boot: Safety is like that sometimes.

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488: A moment of vulnerability with Boot

Liz went to Minor Arcana’s Community Writing Circle on Sunday. It was a great session and if you’re in Seattle it’s well worth checking out. The focus of this writing session was on symbolic props. We did a couple of fun exercises, and then we wrote a story based on a random physical object and […]

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Plushie Boot and Mayara

Spoonflower now stocks Things fabric so you can make your own plushie!

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462: Boot You

What Boot says is worth listening to. Transcript: Boot: You Boot: You are mighty

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426: Meeting Boot

Liz meets Boot for the firs time

As I’ve said in the character page, Boot is one of my oldest friends. That artist first dreamt of getting steel capped boots when she was about seven years old, living in a place called the Pocket Valley. She loved hanging out with the donkeys, but sometimes the donkeys liked to stand on her bare […]

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412: Playing with Boot

Bunson Hoppydew doing a variety of poses in Boot

Sometimes a bunny and a boot have just got to play, you know?

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Extra Art Tuesday 408b: Boot does not scream

Boot as Munch's The Scream

With a tip of the hat to Edvard Munch.

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