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Some Dietary Thoughts from Boot, created with Xander Odell (Comic #660)

Webcomic. Boot: I didn't always take in the best foods. Boot: Lots of Can'ts, Shouldn'ts, Not Good Enoughs, Don't Deserves, Get Over Its... lots of negatives. Boot: I'm trying to eat more Cans, Wants, Wills, Worth Its and supportives. Boot: It's not always easy, but we are what we eat.

Boot has the best dietary advice.

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652: Boot isn’t the only one to have thoughts about curves!

Webcomic, see transcript below for text

Interrupting doodle creature… moo!

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651: Boot Has Feelings About Its Curves

Webcomic, see transcript below

Boot has a simple but important statement to make about its curves

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614: Boot on Ways to Not Touch Your Face

Thank you Boot, and all the people that make deliveries, make it possible to get things. We appreciate your frontline services. This trick for not touching your face I learned when I was an artists’ model for many years. I learned how to stay still for an hour, sometimes more, without scratching. It has come […]

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606: A Moment of Vulnerability with Boot

I’m not charging for this one, as it feels a bit more like fan mail that I get to share with you (and hopefully be audacious and organized enough to send to BA). Boot and I have a 1 to 1 relationship on this bit, well, except maybe for Boot’s classic “don’t tell anybody” reserve […]

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583: Boot on the topic of survival

Boot: When I was younger, anger and sadness kept me alive. Love was too impossible and made feelings too intense anyway. When I got older that embarrassed me … and not that I am older still I say “you smart young boot, you stayed alive. You worked to be responsible with your anger and you […]

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582: Marie Curie and Boot

I like to think Boot and Marie Curie would have hung out and been fierce together 🙂 Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. – Marie Curie I like that Marie Curie says fear _less_. Understanding […]

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563: Boot doesn’t have to celebrate

Wishing you all the festive season you want and need. Bunson: Happy festive season! Boot: I don’t like being told to be happy Bunson: Ok! I love how you trusted me to say that. Bunson: oooh! shiny! Boot: I like how Bunson season is all year round. Thanks to all my patrons and special big […]

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562: Boot Ownership

I’ve been traveling a lot, but fortunately cleaning up my study revealed many sketches a drew a few years ago! This one stalled at the sketch phase because I could not figure out how to express Boot’s emotions to my satisfaction. Transcript Who owns you Boot? Boot: Boot is not owned Bunson being zoomed along […]

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554: Boot on kindness

I’m sorting through old papers and sketchbooks and I’ve found about 10 pencil sketches for comics thus far! I think this was drawn about a year ago? Maybe more? It’s so interesting going through all the old things! Boot: Sometimes the hardest thing about receiving kindness is you have to admit how much you hurt […]

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