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530: Bunson and age

Today is my birthday! Happy birthday to meeeee! Originally created for the postcards, and now it is here as well 🙂 Bunson: Wow, you’re old The creator from off-screen: YOU’RE YOUNG! Bunson: No I’m not! Bunson: I’m SIX Bunson: Next year

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522: Bunson digs deep into creative process

Bunson Hoppydew lies on the ground staring up at the ceiling idea… … no IDEA idea? What was it again? idea? Bunson sleeps: zzz Caption: Bunson Hoppydew digs deep into creative process.

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Bunson Cranky at a Book Reading! (Comic #492)

Bunson Book Reading Comic Transcript Bunson Hoppydew (a little pink bunny, he likes dancing friendship and cake) smiles. Bunson: I went to a reading. Bunson looks very cranky with jagged lines. Bunson: But this person kept talking! Bunson: Shhh! Bunson happily reading a book. Bunson: How can I get through my book with all this talking?

This comic was conceived of and drawn amongst wonderful writer folks after a book reading at the U Bookstore in Seattle with Brenda Cooper, Adam Rakunas and Madeline Ashby. You can see a sketch I drew of the reading over at Bunson Book Reading Comic Transcript Bunson Hoppydew (a little pink bunny, he likes […]

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Plushie Things and Bunson

Spoonflower now stocks Things fabric so you can make your own plushie!

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Special Request: Fresh Bunson Stencil!

Carving pumpkins for halloween? Try this pumpkin bunson! There is also last year’s Bunson’ stencil, though that one is a wee bit trickier with half carved stuff for texture!

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364: Is Bunson ok?

Where is Bunson? Is Bunson ok? 🙂 With big thanks to Eve L D’MeanHer for letting me use a picture of her. Eve is a retired Lightning Fist of Science with the Rat City Roller Girls and a Non Skating Official with the Tilted Thunder Rail Birds. Transcript Thing 1: Have you seen Bunson? Thing […]

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447: The ongoing adventures of Bunson, a small pink bunny.

See web comic transcript

Transcript: Meanwhile Bunson frolicking over green fields under a blue sky. Bunson Hoppydew stumbles across a mysterious black hole hovering in the field Bunson: Oooh! Looks dark and scary Bunson jumps into the hole Bunson: Wheeee!

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432: Bunson Hoppydew on a Dancing Holiday

Bunson Hoppydew Dances around many places.

Bunson Hoppydew gets to see the world and dance around it!

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419: Bunson as Napoleon Crossing the Alps

Bunson Hoppydew riding Boot as if he is Napoleon on the Alps!

Bunson Hoppydew as Napoleon Crossing the Alps (based on Jacques-Louis David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps aka Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass aka Bonaparte Crossing the Alps) It’s an interesting and challenging thing, trying to draw classical art with a stylus on an iPad, especially when your drawing style is so different. Still, it was interesting building up the colors, […]

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Bunson at the Spudtown Knockdown

This drawing   That Mike Hammer turned into this set of stickers    And took to a roller derby tournament   And much stickering joy was had         

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