Creativity with Bunson Hoppydew – Draw a Shape (Comic #707)

It is amazing sometimes what just putting one line or shape in front of the other can lead to. Creativity is for everyone J

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Comic Transcript Creativity with Bunson Hoppydew – Draw a Shape

Bunson Hoppydew, a pink bunny who likes dancing friendship and cake, is drawing a circle on a piece of paper while smiling at us.

Caption: Draw a shape.

Bunson: I like circles.

Bunson is now part way through drawing a triangle intersecting with the circle.

Caption: Add a shape to a shape.

Bunson: And I like triangles.

Bunson sits down and smiles up at his drawing

Bunson: Hello.

Bunson dances and spoings through the air.

Bunson sits down and smiles.

Caption: That’s fantastic!

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