Bunson as Napoleon Crossing the Alps (Comic #419)

Bunson Hoppydew as Napoleon Crossing the Alps (based on Jacques-Louis David's Napoleon Crossing the Alps aka Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass aka Bonaparte Crossing the Alps)

It's an interesting and challenging thing, trying to draw classical art with a stylus on an iPad, especially when your drawing style is so different. Still, it was interesting building up the colors, pretending I was working for a session, then adding a new layer to impersonate drying time. It makes me want to get a bunch of paint and go to some life drawing classes... which ain't a bad thing. The human body is something we're all so intimately familiar with that grappling with the challenges of representing it is good for any artist, whether they are an abstract painter or an ultra realist.

The challenges of drawing this caused me to buy new styluses to play with! Getting a sharp edge can be tricky sometimes - has anyone had good luck with the Wacom brush? I gave it a go, but I just couldn't get into it. In the end I return to metal fabric styluses of one sort or another. I wonder if there are rubber tips that give better edge, but they feel so icky to move across the screen.


I like how it looks like Boot is about to eat Bunson's ROCK OF DESTINY! Om nom nom nom

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