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157: The sun redux

It was so interesting thinking about my Things comic during Launch Pad. The Things are so curious, so willing to open and vulnerable to the things they do not know. They’ve been interested in the cosmos from the very first panel… I laughed out loud when I realized it. From The Sun, to the Sun. […]

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The Things would like your votes, please

Dear Friends, In 31 short days I will be at the World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio. Excitement! I would like to create some mini-comics to exuberantly give to people. I have never made a mini-comic before and I would like your help deciding which six comics to include. I’ve developed a ‘shortlist’ but […]

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Things Process Diary… the most recent.

I’m participating in the Clarion Write-a-thon, as I do every year. It’s how this comic came into existence! Part of my project this year has been to actually… you know… let people who aren’t friends know about my comic! Donations to the write-a-thon this year will define my budget for promoting the Things for the […]

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