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Welcome to This image is a slightly revised one I did in 2007, so that I had enough resolution to print it on cards. I love both versions and I enjoy revisiting old art, it’s nice to hang out with old friends. The original A Sad is still around of course. It’s been many […]

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433b: Dreaming On

Pink bunny with tendrils of dreams and possibilities coming out of his head

Bunson had a big weekend, now it’s time for some serious dreaming about what might be next. Bunson likes it when you chase your dreams. It was the first piece of lifestyle advice he gave!

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Easy and Hard (Comic #246)

Easy and Hard Comic Transcript Bunson Hoppydew: People tell me something's easy and that might be right for them, but sometimes it's wrong for me. Bunson: People tell me something's hard and that might be right for them, but sometimes wrong for me. Bunson: Sometimes we both think something should be easy and smile to discover we both find it really hard. Bunson dances and zooms through the air until he sits down and smiles out at us. Bunson: Whatever way, it's nice to share the journey with you.

A bit more lifestyle advice from Bunson Hoppydew (he likes dancing friendship and cake!) Easy and Hard Comic Transcript Bunson Hoppydew: People tell me something’s easy and that might be right for them, but sometimes it’s wrong for me. Bunson: People tell me something’s hard and that might be right for them, but sometimes wrong […]

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A Sad (Comic #241)

A Sad Transcript. Thing 2: I have a sad Thing 1: Are you looking for solutions or comfort? Thing 2: I would like to be angry, then sad, then comforted, then adventure for solutions, then giggles Thing 1: Let’s start! Thing 2: Raar

How to help someone when they are sad. Things without gives you warm hearted all ages comics to bring a little bit of joy to your day.

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Follow Your Bliss (Comic #211)

Bliss Comic Transcript Boot: They say follow your bliss. Boot: But how do you find your bliss? Bunson Hoppydew leaps into view with his paws over his eyes.
Bunson: You count to a hundred and say ready or not here I come! Bunson is sitting in Boot with his hand to his forehead like he's on the stern of a ship.

Figuring out what your bliss is can be really hard and variable! Sometimes figuring out what is your bliss can take a lifetime, but it is an adventure well worth pursuing with curiosity. (and btw, creators, Jessica Abel is a pretty rad human to listen to if you’re trying to figure out how to follow […]

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The conclusive and inconclusive results are in!

Awww, Try is the most voted for comic. ^_^ First up, thank you to everyone who voted. It’s actually pretty scary (at least for me) to ask people to take actions for something that is just about me and my art (how much safer to hide behind a worthy cause or collaborative effort). It feels […]

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159: What’s a Thing to Be?

Get your votes in today for the Things first ever mini-comic. Good Enough, Try, and Batman are in the lead, but who knows how the pages will settle out! It’s all sooooo close. Here’s the running tally, for links to the comics and to get your vote on CLICK HERE!!! 6: Why 2 7: Belief […]

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157: The sun redux

It was so interesting thinking about my Things comic during Launch Pad. The Things are so curious, so willing to open and vulnerable to the things they do not know. They’ve been interested in the cosmos from the very first panel… I laughed out loud when I realized it. From The Sun, to the Sun. […]

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The First Things Mini Shortlist

Dear Friends, In 31 short days I will be at the World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio. Excitement! I would like to create some mini-comics to exuberantly give to people. I have never made a mini-comic before and I would like your help deciding which six comics to include. I’ve developed a ‘shortlist’ but […]

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Things Process Diary… the most recent.

I’m participating in the Clarion Write-a-thon, as I do every year. It’s how this comic came into existence! Part of my project this year has been to actually… you know… let people who aren’t friends know about my comic! Donations to the write-a-thon this year will define my budget for promoting the Things for the […]

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