Follow Your Bliss (Comic #211)

Figuring out what your bliss is can be really hard and variable! Sometimes figuring out what is your bliss can take a lifetime, but it is an adventure well worth pursuing with curiosity. (and btw, creators, Jessica Abel is a pretty rad human to listen to if you're trying to figure out how to follow your bliss)

Not quite lifestyle advice from a small pink bunny, but I think it could be lifestyle advice adjacent!

Follow Your Bliss Comic Transcript

Boot: They say follow your bliss.

Boot: But how do you find your bliss?

Bunson Hoppydew leaps into view with his paws over his eyes.
Bunson: You count to a hundred and say ready or not here I come!

Bunson is sitting in Boot with his hand to his forehead like he's on the stern of a ship.