412: Playing with Boot

Sometimes a bunny and a boot have just got to play, you know?

407: the food of love

I do like me some Shakespeare! “If music be the food of love, give me excess of it” is often misquoted and I can see why, it has a romantic feel where you want it to be happy… it is romantic, but of the erk love hurts variety. I love music being a food of love and experiencing it in a more funtimes way.


Thing 1: If music be the food of love
The Things look at each other mischievously.
Musical notes appear in the are around them.
Thing 2: Let’s go dancing!
The Things dance.

404: restful day

I admire the way Bunson Hoppydew recharges.


Dancing bunny dances, he spoings around and is happy. It is a relaxing day.