Chuffles Misses the Moon, and so it begins

Cover of children's picture book. A balloon unicorn standing on a field of green staring up at a far away moon.

And now in the month of Halloween, of transition and change I give to you Chuffles Misses the Moon. Every week day I’ll put up a fresh page from this children’s picture book I drew. THE FIRST EVER CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK I’VE DRAWN, unless you count the things I did when I was actually a kid.

Drawing something in this format was a new learning experience for me. I’d love any notes or comments you have as the updates go up. I might try self publishing it when it’s done so folks can have something in hand to read to kids (OMG, the idea of something I’ve written being a bedtime story… kinda amazing). If I self publish I’d love you, my dear ones, I’d love your help to turn it up to eleven before we go to print.

Please enjoy, Chuffles Misses the Moon.

6 thoughts on “Chuffles Misses the Moon, and so it begins

  1. Standing in line for a copy !!!!!! no wait I will need more than 1 ….

    1. Awww, you are wonderful 🙂

  2. blush…bouncing up and down ..darlin I have no printer…even if you stapled them together and charged 10.00 bucks I want 2

    1. I’m thinking maybe something super pretty with blurb books 🙂

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