Overworked (Comic #18)

Comic Transcript

Thing 1: Are you okay?

Thing 2: Just a little overworked

6 thoughts on “Overworked (Comic #18)

  1. Emily C. Skaftun

    I love this.

    1. 🙂

  2. I would love to put this in our Art Society’s news letter, with your permission, and credit will be given to you. I think artist’s can relate to this so well. Can I, please, please, please?

    1. Thanks Irene, can you e-mail me at liz@lizargall.com and tell me the name of your arts society and how you intend to use it (eg print/e-mail/PDF etc)?



      1. Irene, if you have e-mailed me can you please send again?

        I’ve noticed a few e-mails have got lost in the ether recently.

  3. *Laughs* I love this!

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