Blankets to Share (Comic #195)

Dear Boggle,

We liked what you wrote about blanket forts and it inspired this comic. If you would ever like to come visit there is space in our blanket fort for you and your friends.

Thank you for your nice letters and drawings.

We like you ^_^


The Things and friends.

Boggle is a kind owl who answers letters and writes advice for people going through a rough time.
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Thing 2 wears a blanket over them.

Thing 1: A ghost!

Thing 2: A blanket fort!

Thing 1: That's not a blanket fort

Thing 1 gets under the blanket as well, creating a sort of tent between them.

Thing 1: This is a blanket fort.

Bunson Hoppydew gets under blankie

Bunson: For me!

Thing 1: For all of us