205: Waisted Time

I don't often make puns, but when I do I chortle about it for two weeks. 14 years ago I said, "How Gauling!" I still smile when I remember that moment. How Gauling! Gauling! Teehee.

I spent a chunk of time looking for any of my styluses. I own four. I have thoughtfully put them in safe places. I fear I may never see them again. My scanner leaves awful steak marks on things, so here is a photograph of today's comic.

I must say, I enjoy drawing the Things in pencil, even if it looks a little less crisp.


Thing 1: I waisted a day

Thing 2: really?

Thing 1: Its pants kept falling down.

Thing 1 and 2 sprout wings.

Little know fact. Puns can make you fly.