Letters – Part 1 (Comic #206)

Oh no melon!

Stay tuned for part two on Saturday.

Thank you for the letters we have received thus far. In other news I am behind on nanowrimo, but catching up.

In drawing craft news I bought a new stylus, it's interesting to see how such a simple tech has developed. After trying out all the styluses in the store I got a Wacom bamboo stylus... Yes I went for the big name brand stylus. It has replaceable nibs and subtle decisions about the weight and shape of the stylus make it much more pleasant to hold. The nib appears to be quite broad, but it's more precise than my kick starter stylus which has a nib half the size! It move smoothly, is nice to hold and I'm happy with my new fancy friend.


Thing 1: Hello birds

Thing 2: Hello trees

Bunson Hoppydew appears with a letter on each ear.

Thing 1 and 2: YUMMMM

The Things eat the letters, they both look like they have internal bow ties where the letters stick out.

Bunson: Those letters were for Boot.