Pronoun Party! (Comic #262)

I've written about the Things and their pronoun preferences, but I thought it would be fun and helpful to share the preferences of some of the other characters in the things.

Editorial note, when this was written preferred pronouns was the more common language, but language evolves, now it would just be "pronouns". Language evolves and saying personal pronouns is a nice way of recognizing that identity isn't just a matter of preference, it's a matter of life!


Preferred Singular Pronouns 

Things: We use they or them or zir or ze.

Narrator: What if someone says he or she?
Thing 1: ummmm
Thing 2: It depends.
Thing 1: I worry about reactions sometimes.
Thing 2: It’s awkward.
Thing 1: Tell them?
Thing 2: Ignore it?
Thing 1: Go dancing?
Thing 2: It depends on the person and mood.

Bunson Hoppydew: I use he, him, his.

Narrator: What if someone used she?
Bunson: I would laugh!
Bunson: And we’d eat cake
Bunson: or dance
Bunson: or both!

Mayara: I use she and her.

Narrator: What if someone said he?
Mayara: I’d think they’re jealous of my beautiful hair.

Narrator: And if they called you it?
Mayara: I might bite them.

Boot: Pronouns are what people use when they can’t remember your name.

Boot: I am Boot.