Worthy Mind (Comic #269)

The beginner's mind is something I've explored a few times. It's such a handy thing to hold onto, especially when you encounter stumbling blocks or limitations in an epic endeavor and somehow not achieving the top one percent of human endeavor, or struggling a bit before pushing on seems to undermine everything you have ever done and erases everything you've achieved and worthiness can go crashing through the floor. Everything can seem possible when you haven't done anything yet! Fortunately the beginner's mind can be a state of cultivation, exploration and play wherever you are and can open doors to new discoveries.

I hope this makes sense!normally I would let an essay like this sit for a while, but look at the time! Look at the time!



Thing 1: I worry my best will never be good enough

Thing 2: Good enough for what?

Thing 1: That heart sploding sense of possibility I get when I start something new

Thing 2 grows a flower out of their head.

Thing 2: Would you like my flower?

Thing 1 also has a flower growing out of their head now.

Thing 2: The beginners mind always like your company.

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  1. It most certainly makes sense.

    1. <3 Thankyou! ^_^

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