After the Adventure (Comic #270)

I had to step away from electronic devices today to get this drawn. I've been way too distractible and the last few days I've really disliked anything I've tried to draw on the tablet. It was time to step away and go back to comforting, old school lined paper.

This concept came to me as I was trying to get comfortable in bed. I had a great weekend, but co-ed derby can have some really hard hits in it... sometimes from the boys and sometimes from gals who are used to hitting boys really hard! I'm glad Aikido gave me good skills for falling on my bottom in ways that don't hurt my tailbone. My forearms look so bruised! I can do forensic bruising analysis to look at how I tuck my arms when I'm jamming! I might wear long sleeves while hanging out with my sweetie, just so people don't worry and give 'em the side eye, poor love.

After co-ed derby there was the Hitditch Cup, which was amazing and had more tickles in it (oh so many lovely photos thanks to Danny Ngan)!

I did a lot of sleeping on Sunday.

I was supposed to fix my author website ( but I didn't!

After the Adventure Comic Transcript

The two Things look all battered and bruised.

Bunson Hoppydew points at them.

Bunson: Are you ok?

Things 1 & 2 smile around their bruises: We went on an adventure.

Bunson bounces in the air with shock.

Bunson: Without me?

The Things smile down at Bunson: We can go again.

Bunson: Yay!

Both the Things fall soundly asleep: Zzzz zzz

Bunson looks up at them, a little shocked.

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  1. Bunson reminds me of my child…

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