Potential – old version, click forward for revised version! (Comic #243)

This comic is a little bit out of date, but I've left it up here to show process and learning. Check out 243b for a comic with corrected wording about using your potential energy!

Potential Comic Transcript

Use ALL of your potential! Says enormous lettering.

The Things look up at the lettering.
Thing 2: What does that mean?

Image of a mug teetering on the edge of a table.
Caption: This mug has a lot of potential.

The mug has smashed on the ground.
Caption: Now all the potential kinetic energy has all been used.

Thing 1: hmmm.

Thing 2: Maybe I’ll just joyfully and tenaciously pursue stuff I care about.

2 thoughts on “Potential – old version, click forward for revised version! (Comic #243)

  1. You combined two steps into one.
    To put it simplistically:

    As the mug falls, its potential energy is “converted” into kinetic energy.

    When it stops moving and breaks, the kinetic energy has been “converted” into heat, noise, different kinetic energy and possibly an argument about who’s to blame for breaking the mug 🙂

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      I’ll get you a new mug, I promise!

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