Use Your Potential! Corrected Version (Comic #243b)

Here is Friday's comic with corrected language. Thanks Mike! Use your potential is such fraught advice sometimes. Especially as neurodiverse folks (especially ones without diagnoses) often get a lot of feedback around not living up to their potential, but not always the correct support for actually working with their strengths!

If you want to use Things for to teach physics this is the better comic to use (which would be totally cool and I give you permission, unless it's for a text book or something, in which case we need to talk, but for awesome fair use classroom stuff etc it would be squee exciting and I'd love to hear about it).

Use Your Potential Comic Transcript

Use ALL of your potential! Says enormous lettering.

The Things look up at the lettering.
Thing 2: What does that mean?

Image of a mug teetering on the edge of a table.
Caption: This mug has a lot of potential.

The mug has smashed on the ground.
Caption: Now all the potential energy has been used. First as kinetic, then as noise and a mess.

Thing 1: hmmm.

Thing 2: Maybe I'll just joyfully and tenaciously pursue stuff I care about.


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