Seeing (Comic #325)


Our cultural blinkers teach us to see certain things, cast our eyes in certain directions, map certain things as truths and we render a lot of what is physically present in our universe invisible by the way in which we gaze upon the world.

It's eerie the number of times I've heard "X kind of people don't do Y" or aren't interested in Y... only because all the Xs that do are devalued in some way or promptly forgotten... or how we select data around an individual once the first 5 second impression has been made (X never/always does Y, regardless of actual behavioral patterns).

Being seen or not seen (and how you are seen/believed in) has powerful psychological and physical consequences for pack animals such as homo sapiens sapiens... and boots.  It can be a powerful self fulfilling prophesy for better and worse, and takes a lot to shift.

Seeing Webcomic Transcript

Bunson Hoppydew (a little pink bunny) leaps into view next to Boot and says "Seeing is believing"

Bunson prances out of view.

Boot: Believing generates seeing.

Boot: Every day we make the world with what we see, remember, value, devalue and forget

Boot: There are invisible worlds right in front of us. Do you see?