3am Genius (Comic #257)

Alas, so many genius moments have either not survived dawn, or my handwriting has been so unreadable I have no idea if it was a good idea or not. This comic was inspired by looking at my notes and going, hmmm, this comic idea might not work for anyone but me!

.... I still might draw it, we'll see, it'll be tricky to draw and the response might be, huh?

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3am Genius Comic Transcript

Thing 1 and 2 are in conversation.
Thing 2: I wish more of my ideas.

Thing 2 looks up and smiles.
Thing 2: Were as brilliant as they seem.

Thing 2 looks sideways and down.
Thing 2: at 3am.

Thing 1 is asleep with their head back and mouth open.
Thing 1: Zzz zzz zzz.
Thing 2: The turnip is actually the BUTLER!
Thing 2: I'm a genius.

5 thoughts on “3am Genius (Comic #257)

  1. Thanks for letting Right start the dialogue. Although this might explain why he doesn’t do so al that often.

    1. Thing on the left often is a bit more assertive, ze does have a tendency to jump in sometimes! Sometimes it’s about which one it feels more in character for. Sometimes the one that speaks is a little defined by the rhythm of the telling. I don’t think either one worries about looking a little silly, life’s a little silly ^_^

      Thanks for enjoying the comic.

      1. Are you kidding? I love this comic. Particilarly when Bunson talks to the sock.

  2. If you’re happy with the comic, that’s enough of a reason to draw it.

    1. And you do have to keep drawing to make space for the new ones! It’s kinda time bound, but Monday might be ok for it… then I can blame you… if I can draw it ok… I might make it a photo one!

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