Work-Life Balance… Play! (Comic #256)

Work-life balance can feel like such a sterile term and I guess life is full of many tricky things to balance. Gotta have room for play!

I find myself enjoying analog so much I really didn't want to draw comics digitally. It's nice playing in a different medium and hanging out with the things differently.

Thin recycled notepaper is a pretty unforgiving medium. There's no way I could pencil, ink and then erase pencils, so it's all drawing with a biro and making every line count.

Working digitally it's very easy to press undo and redraw a line that goes wonky, or erase letters if you put the wrong words on the page or smudge the ink with your hand. No such luxury here! I redrew this comic quite a few times until I got something with art and lettering I was happy with.

I think I'll do a few more like this. I'm enjoying it and here's something about drawing on lined notepaper that reminds me of my teenage self ^_^

Work-Life Balance Comic Transcript

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are in conversation.
Thing 1: I think I'm happiest.

Thing 1: When my work is play.

Thing 1: And my play is work.

The Things smile at each other and then zoom through the air in different flowy shapes with their eyes closed.