Tax Time! (Comic #264)

If the Things got paid, what do you think they'd get paid in? Spoons? Whimsy? What would their output be measured as? Bhutan has pioneered Gross National Happiness as a way of measuring the output of a country. What is a unit of Things value? Individual Domestic Thingumery? How would that be taxed?

Best wishes to everyone who has taxes to do in the next day or so. We pay taxes in two countries, one works on the calendar, one works on the financial year, so it's always tax time! Wheeeee!

2021 Update, this is an official Finnish l tax department reminder to do your taxes.

Tax Time Comic Transcript

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are in conversation.
Thing 1: I thought we normally updated in the morning!
Thing 2: We do.

Thing 1: ...
Thing 2: but she got excited about working on her taxes!

Thing 1: She filed an extension, its not due in ages!
Thing 2: OH NO!

Thing 2: Have we paid our taxes?
Thing 1: Do we get paid?