Fail 2 (Comic #277)

In other news, in samesame news I'm sorry I didn't have a comic for you yesterday.

Love and hugs to the many fine writers I hung out with at the Nebula Awards last weekend. Thanks for the late night and early morning conversations about the different ways we turn up and attend to the work and the many ways we dig into the work.



Thing 1 and Thing 2 speak

Sometimes I fail a little

And because I've been trying so hard not to fail at all it feels bigger than I am

And I feel very alone

And that little snowball turns into avalanche that washes over me

And somehow a littl fail means that nothing I do will make a difference or be good enough

But more frequently now I remember that just turning up to do the work.

Any work!

I can catch the snowball

And keep working and playing with my friends.