Wink aka the Stories We Tell With Our Faces (Comic #355)

Sometimes the stories our faces tell are such an imperfect slice of internal self and intentions!

Also, my winking skills are spectacularly terrible.



Wink Comic Transcript

Thing 1 is squeezing their eyelids partially shut on one side, it makes them look a little cranky. Thing 2 looks a little concerned.

Thing 1 is contorting both their eyelids and looking up, neither eye is fully closed, but their lower lids are squeezing upwards quite a bit.

Thing 1 is looking down, one eye is more closed than the other, but neither eye is fully closed.
Thing 2: Are you ok?

Thing 1 is squeezing booth eyes into tiny triangular slits, neither eye is fully closed, though one eye is more closed than the other.
Thing 1: I'm winking!
Thing 2: Phew!