Wonderful Unfolding Shapes, Complexity/Simplicity (Comics #360)

Wonderful unfolding shapes. The complexity made simple, the simple made complex, both can be so interesting.

Today's comic is a follow up from Complexity, Comic 357.

Wonderful Unfolding Shapes Comic Transcript

Thing 1 and Thing 2 look up and see sort of squarish shape made of green, turquoise, green and yellow.

The Things look at the square opens up and the red line squiggles about a bit on its own.

They continue to watch and all the lines that were in the box squiggle about to make their own interesting shapes and there are new purple squiggles in amongst the spaces created by the green, yellow and red shapes.

The lines continue to find new shapes and joyfully noodle around the place.

Caption: Sometimes the simple is really complex.