Presents (Comic #307)

We are so excited about the new Uncanny Magazine Kickstarter and super excited we get to make presents for people. People donated real Earth money to a worthy cause and want US to send them presents!

The magazine is going to explore so many worlds and voices and FEELINGS. Feelings from lots of different entities and we'll all get to imagine ourselves into so many different shoes (and socks and beings) and have dreams and feel happy and sad and weird feelings that have no name and expand our brains and BOOM and WHEEEE and unicorns and do it all again.

This is where the creator of the Things writes about why she's excited

This is the Kickstarter.

This comic was drawn sneakily in a cafe all in a rush. I didn't even know where I was going to do when I started. Sadly, right now the more polished versions look a little lifeless, so I'm sharing a scribblier comic with you. I shall have to work on that some more! How to make final drafts look as interesting at first drafts is tricky business! One option is to just make my first drafts better and better...


Thing 1: Guess what?

Thing 2: What?

Thing 1: We get to send people presents!

Thing 2: That's so cool, my head might...

Thing 2's head explodes.


Thing 1's head explode

Thing 1 (without a head): tee hee

Thing 2 (without a head): Let's do that again.