Wishing on a Star (Comic #312)

Today's comic was inspired by Zelda Williams. Our deepest condolences to you and your family, and yes, let's all try to shine just a little brighter in memory of those who inspired us, made us smile and made the world a little bit better.

And of course, wishes of happiness to big stars too, especially if they're feeling overwhelmed by their wish load.

Wishing on a Star Transcript

Thing 1: Do you want to wish on a star?

Thing 2: Ok, but lets not wish on a big bright one.

Thing 2: Let's find a little one that might be lonely

The Things close their eyes and smile

Thing 1: Phew!

Thing 2: I wonder how many lightyears away that star is.

Thing 1: Do wishes travel at relativistic speeds?

Thing 2: Maybe they operate wormholes

Thing 1: What did you wish for?

Thing 2: For the star to be happy.


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