Present Trying (Comic #383)

I am a somewhat distractable entity, although I am trying to be more focused and present. I become particularly distractable (like most people) when I am sad or tired or over stimulated. I can fail to be in the present because I'm so busy thinking about how I'm going to be in the present. Attention can be like water from a plant, it's most vivid in little kids who will blossom right under your eyes when they have it. Adults are often more subtle, but they still need watering (although at least they have more self watering skills)... Anyhow, this comic was inspired by sitting on my couch thinking about times I could have paid better attention to the people around me and not had split distractions.


Present Trying

Thing 2: I'm going to try to be more present

Thing 1: Cool! How are you going to do that?

Thing 2: ...

Thing 1: Hello?

Thing 2: I'm trying... very trying

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