Who do you say you are? (Comic #427)

Mayara has a point! Folks can do some pretty impressive things with their bodies in this world! The Things have played inflating balloons with their heads and erupted with flowers, zooming through the air with joy or as part of your migratory travels as a lone sock is pretty normal. Sure Liz says she's the creator, but is she really? Really?

I love Mayara's delightful intelligence and playfulness. Monkeys have always represented irreverent wisdom and fearless curiosity. Mayara isn't worried about asking silly questions or looking wrong, she has a wonderful confidence that makes her braver and better at learning. She isn't afraid of peeking behind the curtain and certainly is not cowed by symbols of authority (in this case height).


Mayara: Woah! How'd you shrink?
Liz: Being the artist has certain perks

Mayara: Ha! You? Prove it!

Liz grows extremely large

Liz: Behold!
Mayara: That's supposed to impress me?

Liz: always question. You're adorable, you know that?

Liz now fits in Mayara's palm.

Mayara: The word you're looking for is fabulous

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