Looking for a Friend (Comic #428)

Ze Frank says somewhat much more profound things than I do.


Did you know that Ze Frank is one of the big cheeses over at BuzzFeed these days? Wikipedia told me so. No wonder I keep liking more and more of their videos. It must be weird being Ze, so many people who think of him in ways akin to friendship that he has never met. I wish there was a name for something like that. Fan is not quite the right word, it doesn't feel right... maybe I am just shy of the word, the intensity associated with a thing like that, there is a possessiveness in a word like fan and it does something weird with the shared humanity of us and you and me and I'm not good at deities.


Liz: Hello!
Thing 2: What're you doing?
Liz: Looking for a friend I've never met.

Sock lands on Liz's face.
Liz: Yep, there they are.

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