A Treasure at the End of the Rainbow (Comic #431)

OMG Happy Marriage Equality Day USA!!!

I had already planned a weekend of Bunson dancing adventures starting today with Bunson at the end of the rainbow (you might recall he was a little distracted when the hand came through and we haven't seen him since)! What a fantastic co-incidence.

What a fantastic way to start Seattle's Pride Parade Weekend! Bunson's home league, the Rat City Rollergirls will be marching. Yay for peoples having space to be peoples and love to have space to be love! Yay for more space for people to feel whole in their own skin.

Bunson is a big fan of people feeling whole in their own skin. And friendship. And Dancing. And Cake. All of which are more delicious if you get to feel whole and seen and accepted for who you are while you do it.

Lots of love and joy to everyone. Days when more people get to be equal is a day when everyone wins.

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