Bunny Feelings (Comic #45)

This comic makes very little sense to my sweetheart. But if you have a squidy brain like mine it might make sense to you.

Related comics - or what's the deal with the geometrical shapes?


Bunson Hoppydew is behind one of the Thing 1 with a blue triangle shape on his head.
Thing 1: Have you seen my feelings?
Thing 2: Yes!

Bunson has hopped out to sit between the two Things. Thing 1 looks sad.
Thing 1: Those are my feelings!
Bunson: really?

Thing 1 looks angry. The triangle on Bunson's head has turned into a square.
Thing 1: Yes
Bunson: oh

The square on Bunson's head has turned into a circle. The two Things stare out towards the viewer. Bunson smiles.
Bunson: Thanks!

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  1. *Laughs* That’s great!

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