Iterate and iterate and iterate again (Comic #463)

Life really is an iterative process, because this comic has a missing word in it and I'm going to redraw it as a Throwback Thursday! The transcript below has what the text should be!!! Oops!

Iterate Comic Transcript

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are in conversation.

Thing 1: Life is an iterative process.

Thing 2: Can you reiterate?

Thing 1: Life is do, gather data, analyze, reflect and learn.

Thing 1 looks happy: And then do it all again?

Thing 1: And do it all again.
Thing 2: And grow.

Thing 1: And grow!
Thing 2: And do it all again.

One thought on “Iterate and iterate and iterate again (Comic #463)

  1. LOL sooooo true so true

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