In the Eyes of Another (Comic #513)

Or even taking a photo so you can see it through a lens and a little difference!


Thing 1: I achieved nothing today!
Thing 2: here is a photo of what you did today.

Thing 1: I did all that?
Thing 2: Yep, that's what an outside eye sees.

Thing 1: Your eyes are nice to me.

4 thoughts on “In the Eyes of Another (Comic #513)

  1. ty so love this ..ohh to be seen through somone elses eyes would be wonderful

    1. That yearning can be tough sometimes, though I find it handy to reflect we all need many more than one person to see us. It takes a village to see the village inside is :). I used to feel alone a lot until I figured out what muscles I needed to build to be less lonely (and braver, and relaxed) with friendship.

      Would it be helpful to consider sort of activity/interest/process group would be one you would like to be seen by?

    2. And we see your comments here, and we appreciate them and you 🙂

  2. hugs back 🙂

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