It’s not like anything has changed! (Comic #512)

Oh dear, the invisibility of practice sometimes!
This comic was inspired by time spent at the Atlantic Centre for the Arts and can be about any time you spend with (or building) creative community that can support you.

Master Artist in Residence, Jessica Abel, writes about the experience AND give you tips for your own creative focus time.


Thing 1: Editing this novel is so much easier now
Thing 1: why wasn't I like this earlier? I feel silly... it's not like anything has changed.

Thing 2: Other than dealing with health and wellbeing issues, hours and hours listening to experts talking about productivity, focus, rewards, being in a beautiful space where you feel special, having your fears and feels heard in a way that is safe and soothing? AND be able to talk about the book in a super focused way with 8 kind crazy smart people?

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  1. And I hope you know much much love from all your fans

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

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