How? How to Talk and Distill? (Comic #517)

Saying things in condensed format always seems to take a lot of practice. With each new idea the condensation process isn't necessarily easier, but it can get more efficient and one can get more comfortable with the discomfort it takes to distill!

Thing 1: How do I work on my project?
Thing 2: tell me about it
The air fills with many scribbles
Thing 2: can you give me a simplified version?

Thing 1: I've been working on a simplified version all week!
The air fills with even more scribbles
Thing 2: I think that's more complicated!

Thing 1: I'm hoping if I get enough I can put it and a saucepan and boil off the extra words.
Thing 2: What would the reduction taste like?
Thing 1: ooh! Taste? Balsamic and apples? No! my book is like nashis, how they taste when you pick them straight off the tree.

Sometimes expression needs practice AND the right question.