Who needs sleep? (Comic #535)

Headed home from Wiscon after a hectic time at two conventions in two weeks.

It was intense and lovely and I'm a little bit emotional and overwhelmed. Looking forward to my own bed, missing folks like heck already!


The two Things look all vibratey and increasingly weird for two panels.

Then they both fall asleep deeply, their heads thrown back. A little like the flip top head toothbrush head ads from the 80s.

The Things are much recovered after their nap and smile at us.

We do.

5 thoughts on “Who needs sleep? (Comic #535)

  1. LOL!!! I agree, and I wasn’t at a con all weekend ;).

    1. Sleep is such a marvelous thing

  2. Glad you had a good time! Seattle waits for you, lovely lady.

    1. It will be so nice to get home!

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