When a feeling is big (Comic #549)

I created this on quite a day. I did Juliette Wade's World Building podcast on Wednesday morning.

And was a lot more in the feels than I realized and talking about process apparently hits me in the feels. The stories I talk about in the first half are not as all ages as the Things, though probably still PG13

I was a bit woobily after that and it was really nice to go and draw art with Seanan McGuire who is so truly delightful and has an exuberance that is somehow very grounding. She made fantastic arts (check out her cartoon https://twitter.com/seananmcguire/status/908096431591899136) and it was kind of the perfect space to decompress. I drew this art as I contemplated how hard it is to put anything (be it process or feels) into words.


Thing 1: Sometimes, when a feeling is big.

The Things get all wobbly and shakey

Thing 1: It is hard to find words.

Thing 1: pew pew

Thing 2: shloop


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