Lifestyle advice from a small pink bunny – Cat’s away (Comic #558)

Apologies for being late! I'm partway through a whirlwind trip through Australia visiting friends and family. I've thought about lovely sketches I'd love to draw and send to you (the land is so beautiful and the birds are just bonkers in their delight), but generally when I'm driving from place to place. It really is lovely to be here and next time we'll try not to make it 6+ years between visits!
I got to my dad's place last night and his suburban food forest seems like the perfect place for the creator of the things to catch up on stuff.
Lifestyle advice from a small pink bunny
Bunson Hoppydew: When the cat's away
Bunson looks around.
Bunson: I'll have to find someone else to play with.
Bunson: Come home soon cat! Come home!
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