Socks (Comic #65)

I felt a little guilty about creating this comic. More bad things for one of the Things? But they only just got over zir last shock! But I also thought, we all know the learn from your mistakes thing - and so often we're really harsh on ourselves if we make the same mistake or a similar mistake again.

The first time ze licked the electric fence it was just a curious mistake that was shocking - sometimes objects hurt things. This second time they've learned something different and shocking, a social shock, not just a physical one.

But even if the mistakes were identical (and often we make the same mistakes because life is tricky and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses) ze still need hugs to recover, still worthy of love and still capable of learning.

Given fear is the mind killer, kindness is even more important to create the space for learning. So hugs to you and hugs to me and hugs to the Things.


Thing 1 (with angry eyes): socks

Now they have angry tired eyes

Thing 1 (with sad eyes): socks

Thing 1 (with grumpy eyes): socks

Then they have sad wobbly eyes.

Thing 1 hugs Thing 2 for comfort.
Thing 1: Socks lie