Be Kinder (Comic #725)

Sigh, I drew this a while ago, but it’s still a little too true. If I write a lot of things down I think I’m making too big a deal of things and being too granular. My poor neglected bullet journal. It’s so good when I do this, silly resistance. Though at least identifying why there is resistance (beyond, I don’t wanna, computer games, social media or staring blankly into space is easier) is a good step. Not feeling embarrassed by my own lists will help them feel more rewarding, rather than an awful kind of work.

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Be Kinder Comic Transcript

Little Liz: My doctor says I should be kinder to myself

That I do more than I think.

She says I should write down what I’ve done in a day.

Little Liz shakes a little.

Sometimes I write things down.

Sometimes I resist, like it might be letting me off the hook.

Liz facepalm.

Which is pretty dumb…

Which isn’t a very kind thing to say to myself.

Little Liz laughs

So then I just have to smile a laugh.

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