Behold My Perfect Story! (Comic #678)

I've been workshopping a new play with the Pulp Stage. It's always so interesting when you turn in a story/play that is as good as you can make it, and then you get feedback that allows you to make it even better. Then you turn in that perfect story and get more notes and improve it even further. Rinse and repeat for the last few weeks, I think I'm up to draft number 12!

It feels exciting to have created a new play with the Pulp Stage and it's helped add some creative fuel to my process. Creation is such an interesting thing to do.

Perfect Story Comic Transcript

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are in conversation. Thing 1 has presented to Thing 2 a stack of handwritten pages. Thing 2 is looking at the pages.
Thing 1: Behold my story! It is perfect.

Thing 2: You write about cheese so well.
Thing 1 looks a little forlorn.
Thing 2: This one isn't about cheese.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 stare at each other.

Thing 1 has a pencil in their mouth and they're writing extra pages.
Thing 2 looks on and smiles.


Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.

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