Happy Mumma Bear Tank Day

Today's letter is inspired by Mother's Day, Mumma Bear Tank (she doesn't appear often, I think she's pretty busy, but here is where we first saw her on the Things), this lovely video by Health Victoria with empowering tips on how to be an effective bystander


Dear Mumma Bear Tank,

Thank you for being strong and brave.

Thank you for creating safe spaces of gentleness

Thank you for being a bystander who acts, sometimes obviously, sometimes subtly, but always in ways that empower and respect those who are attacked.

Your heart is big and your connection to the earth is deep

Thank you for being brave and strong and gentle and connected, compassionate, flexible, thoughtful, reflective and fierce with all our love.

And Tori Amos talking about what she does to keep herself grounded, self-caring and compassionate when people disclose a lot of painful stuff to her (within an interview that is so interesting and loving in general).