Music Feelings (Comic #272)

Today's comic is inspired by binge watching the Voice and having fun at the launch of Rat City Red Beer from Derblocken Brewery. At the launch I read a description of Pluto with a bedtime voice and later there was singing and dancing. The Voice plus a good night out where I got to perform to a pub audience has reconnected me with how much I love singing.

Music is so wonderful. Sometimes singing feels so connected to my core as a story teller that I have trouble getting through all the lyrics because I'm crying too much! I love story telling tears, even if it's a bit awkward when it happens when you're performing to an audience.


Music feelings comic transcript

Thing 2 is listening to music with their eyes closed.

Thing 1 looks on. 

Thing 2 opens their eyes and looks up to the music notes floating above it.

Thing 2: Sometimes I listen to music, just to find out what I am feeling.

Both the Things close their eyes and listen to the music, Thing 2 is smiling and crying a little.