Horrible Wonderful (Comic #728)

Hello lovely folks, today's comic was inspired by my struggle creating a longer form comic and Alexis Fernandez's Podcast, Do You F***ing Mind, she had a great episode about stopping getting in your own way.

Her episode had a good bit about, stop telling people you're going to do something. Just do it and only tell select folks who can help you achieve it. If you tell folks you're going to do something you get the rewards as if you've actually done it, which is far nicer than the pain of actually doing it.

I started listening to her podcast just because she was Australian. My own Australian accent was a little faded and my job at the time was all about having an Australian accent (true story). So, I listened to her as a top up. She has a lovely accent and it's a fun show, full of neuroscience. She inhabits a world quite different to mine (I was never someone who went out to socialize every night), but her advice is still quite good, and she is quite fun.

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela, Xander Odell and Stuart Barrow.

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Horrible Wonderful Comic Transcript

Thing 1: I’m finally going to create the stuff I’ve been talking about for AGES!

Thing 2: Wow, how wonderful!


Thing 1: It’s HORRIBLE!


Thing 1: Doing is so much harder than talking. And now it’s an ugly lump, not a beautiful dream.


Thing 2: Do you wish you’d just left it as a dream?

Thing 1: Nah, getting comfortable with the ugly is part of the beauty of creativity.

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