Marshmallow Dreams (Comic #741)

When I grew up, my family had a record of the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King’s Great March to Freedom Rally Speech (from the Detroit march in June, not the march on Washington in August).

I don’t know how many times I listened to it, I copied it to a very eclectic mixtape I made. I do remember I discovered it wasn’t good for falling to sleep to, it was too stirring, though I tried a few times as MLK had a very nice voice.

Because of these early experiences, when people say “I have a dream” I often think and sometimes say, “that the brotherhood of man will become a reality?” It’s nice I got to say it to Bunson too.


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Marshmallow Dreams webcomic transcript

Bunson Hoppydew, a little pink bunny, he likes dancing, friendship and cake, spoings around the page, dancing with glee.

Bunson: I had a dream.

Narrator: That the brotherhood of man became a reality?

Bunson: No

Bunson: That I was an enormous marshmallow and me and the cheesecakes went on an adventure!

Bunson: Though your dream sounds nice too.

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