Meds! (Little Liz #33)

And here is a more Little Liz specific view of why sometimes it doesn’t feel so good to be me! Sometimes health is a bit of a journey, and I'm so grateful I have a good health care team around me.

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela, Xander Odell, Stuart Barrow, Jesse the K, Brian Fies and Tracey Radford.


Meds! webcomic transcript

Little Liz: Working with my health care team, I tried to reduce one of my medications.

Little Liz: But even after a few weeks, my emotions more ragged and my existential angst kept ramping up.

Little Liz shouts: The world is on fire!*

* The world being in escalating crisis didn’t help either.


Little Liz: So, I went back to my old dose. At first, I felt like a bit of a failure. I was so excited at the prospect.

Little Liz: But at least I know the med actually does something. And at least I know I can recognize issues and increase my meds again if I need to.


Little Liz: Maybe I’m safe enough to explore reducing other meds now.

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