YESTERDAY! Was Talk Like a Pirate Day! (Comic #748)

Yesterday, I drew this late at night for DUNE, a monthly cartoonist get together where we draw a comic on Tuesday. It used to take place at Café Racer in Seattle, but since Covid times we’ve taken it online. Color is allowed now, as are digital contributions, but the rule is it must be drawn on the Tuesday.

And it wasn’t until this morning that I thought, ooops I should probably should have shared my pirate mateys on actual Talk Like a Pirate day! :D Ah well, one day late, but it’s still fun.

You might notice a small (big) similarity between the final panel and the final Raar moment in my comic “A Sad”. J

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela, Xander Odell, Stuart Barrow, Jesse the K, Brian Fies and Tracey Radford.

And don't forget, the Mystery Magnet Mega Bundle goes up in price on Friday! Looking forward to revealing the new magnet, this magnet was inspired because it's an existing sticker on my Redbubble store that I liked so much I kept ordering POD bundles of it to give to friends and family in Australia!


Talk Like a Pirate Day webcomic transcript

Thing 2 leans forward and talks excitedly with big words.

Thing 2: Today is talk like Richard Newton (from Dorset) playing Long John Silver in a Disney movie day!


Thing 1: Or, I guess you could say, Talk Like a Pirate Day?


Thing 1 and 2 take on poses that look remarkably similar to the end of the comic A Sad.


Thing 2: Arrr

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