Pumpkin Bag (Comic #160)

Oh, Pumpkin Cat!

I was going to dedicate this one to Erik Owomoyela. He's kindly sponsored me in the Clarion Write-a-thon, which means I dedicate a comic to him. I think I want to dedicate a slightly less shoved in a paper bag kind of comic, so this is a kind of placeholder dedication until I do a proper dedication! I think I'll create one directly inspired by his awesome drawing of the Things. If you would like to have a Things comic dedicated to you fling $20 to Clarion before August 3. Just wander over to my writer page and check out the groovy options.

Erik is doing not one but TWO write-a-thons. You can support his novel writing over at Clarion. You can support him doing an animated series over at the Clarion West Write-a-thon. Now that is dedication to 6 weeks of creativity.


A Paper Bag

The paperbag gets really big, with a large enraged pumpkin cat inside it

The paperbag (still untorn) returns to its normal size

The paperbag expands to an angry pumpkin cat shape again

Pumpkin Cat: hmwowshmpw grrshrrt shmmmr, hmmrumph